Jeff Terrace
Meg Whitman’s Son, Will Harsh - Class Act

Will Harsh, Meg Whitman’s son, has had some press before:

I had the pleasure of running into him yesterday. I play in the summer softball league for graduate students, faculty, and professors at Princeton University. During our softball game yesterday, the president of the Princeton undergraduate rugby team, William W. Harsh, came onto our field and told us that we were not allowed to play on the rugby fields. After explaining to him that we were an official university-sanctioned league and that we had permission to use the fields, he insisted that we had to leave. We told him we were in the middle of a game and were not leaving.

He then called public safety. While waiting for public safety, he came
onto the field and started intentionally interfering with the game. He picked up third base and threw it over the fence. He then walked over to second and picked it up and held it. My advisor, a professor, tried to take the base back and Will dared him to tackle him.

Once public safety arrived (campus police), a lieutenant confirmed that we had permission to use the fields.

Once again, the Whitman family confirmed as a classy group of individuals.

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